Learn Spanish: The best language exchange bars in Madrid

Do you want to improve your Spanish conversation? This is becoming an increasingly popular choice thanks to the popularity of the language exchange programmes available in Madrid. The idea is fairly simple: a group of people from the most diverse countries gather in a room –usually located in a bar- and, while having some coffees or beers, they speak about subjects they find especially amusing or interesting to learn about.

The first advantage of this method is its flexibility, as long as the participants are the ones who decide how to focus the chat; the second is that these exchanges are free, so you will only have to pay for what you consume; and the third is the opportunity it offers to meet people from different nationalities and to get to know their culture. In short, it’s a great chance to complement your Spanish classes with some conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Given that the variety of groups and conversation exchange options in Madrid is almost inexhaustible, we are going to suggest only a few of the more tempting ones and leave it to  you to share experiences or mention some places you enjoy which aren’t in this list. And we also want to remind you that International House Madrid organizes language exchanges in Alonso Martínez. Here we go:

  • Madrid Babel: one of the biggest language exchanges in Madrid that’s been runnng for over 20 years, and has people who’ll introduce you to people if you’re new. It runs every Wednesday and Sunday from 19.00. Pl. del Carmen, 3,  <M> Gran Vía
  • Hello Lola 09 at Lola 09: Again, its name sounds more Spanish than a paella, although every Tuesday from 20:00. This “tasca & chill” offers an original mix of vintage and modern decoration, Spanish tradition and cosmopolitan life, resulting in a very nice kitsch atmosphere, ideal for enjoying some tapa tasting, a free gig and the foreign language conversation you are looking for. C/ San Mateo, 28 <M> Tribunal
  • J & J Books and Coffee: Founded by an American who lives in Madrid, this place offers not only language exchanges but also a second hand bookstore, with thousands of titles available. You can leaf through them while there, and also bring your own books to make an exchange. C/ Espíritu Santo, 47 <M> Noviciado
Curso Intensivo Español

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