Intercambio de idiomas en Madrid

Los mejores locales de intercambio de idiomas en Madrid

Do you want to reinforce your language conversation level without signing up for additional classes? This is something that is becoming more and more comfortable, thanks to the popularity of language exchange venues and programs. The idea is simple: a group of people of different nationalities meet in a place -usually a bar- and, around some coffees or some beers , talk and debate about the topics that interest the attendees. 


The first advantage of this method is its flexibility, since it is the participants who decide how to focus the talk ; the second is that no more money is spent than necessary to buy the tapas or drinks that are consumed; and the third is the opportunity it provides to meet people from different countries. Finally, it offers a perfect opportunity to complement language classes in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Since the offer of groups and places for language exchange in Madrid is inexhaustible, we will propose only a handful of places and we will let you suggest some of your liking or comment on experiences. And we take this opportunity to remind you that the Alonso Martínez center of International House Madrid organizes language exchange sessions (ask at reception). Let’s go there:

Beer Station : as the name indicates, beer occupies a prominent place in this place, decorated as if it were an old train station . Apart from this, they program monologues, concerts and improvisation shows; and we almost forgot… on Thursdays, starting at 10:00 p.m., there are language exchanges. C/ Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 22 <M> Santo Domingo

Olé Lola: de nuevo, denominación castiza que se transforma en “Hello Lola” los martes a las 20:00. Esta “tasca & chill” apuesta por la mezcla entre lo cañí y lo cosmopolita, lo antiguo y lo moderno, para así crear un ambiente kitsch en el que disfrutar de conciertos, degustar tapas y conversar en otros idiomas. C/ San Mateo, 28 <M> Tribunal


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