More than just talk

International House Madrid have entered into an exciting partnership with the English Speaking Union (ESU) ( ) in an ambitious project the Madrid government to provide training in Debating and Public Speaking within their bilingual schools in the next academic year (as well as several other institutions including business schools and Universities), showcasing these with the intention of growing over the next few years to cover not only Madrid but the rest of Spain. 



International House Madrid and the ESU have also worked together in developing a new
course “Certificate in Advanced Communication Skills” which has been launched
in Madrid’s iconic institution “Ateneo de Madrid”.  Utilising International House’s excellence in
teaching and the skills in debating and public speaking of the ESU this course
is targeted  at C1 or higher students who want to improve their communication skills and ability to interact in an international environment and is proving a popular option for students at the higher level who want something more than a regular course can offer.

Curso Intensivo Español
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