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Top 5 ways to practice English this summer 

As the video above says, traveling is not always the best alternative for learning or perfecting a language.

It is relevant to talk about it because summer is upon us!  And with it comes the opportunity to relax, recharge and renew our language skills. Well, the great news is that you don’t have to go far to find fantastic opportunities to practice and improve. Read on to discover just how easy it is to immerse yourself in English this summer…


  1. Cultural activities:  Here in Madrid you have a sin-fin of cultural activities available to you in English.
    • Check out the many world renowned museums that Madrid has to offer, such as The Reina Sofia, The Prado and The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums,  but be sure to sign up to a Guided Tour in English or choose English on your individual audio-guide system.
    • See the sights on a hop-on hop-off bus tour which includes the option of audio tours in English.
    • Take a walking tour of Madrid – in English! There are day tours, evening tours and night tours to satisfy all interests – from history and legends, to ghosts and gastronomy. 


  1. Original Version: we all know we should watch films and TV programmes in English, but the Theatre is another great option which is often overlooked. Right here in Madrid, you can find shows for children, adults and the whole family as well as courses to help you develop your artistic and linguistic skills – all in English!


  1. Linguistic exchanges:  one of the best ways to improve your speaking and listening skills is by interacting with and talking to native or bilingual English speakers. Fortunately, Madrid has quite a few pubs and bars which hold Spanish-English exchanges as part of their regular schedule. What are you waiting for?! And don’t miss the opportunity to also try the typically foreign English cuisine some of these establishments offer.


  1. Social-media: we are connected!  Awaiting the touch of our fingertips is a universe of resources to help us improve our reading and listening skills.
    1. Identify the topics you are passionate about and search for a blog or vlog (video blog) on that subject – in English! You can even interact by writing your own comments and opinions.
    2. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts can help you complement your learning and you don’t have to go anywhere to access them – just get out your mobile!
    3. Youtube channels are also a great place to practice your comprehension skills whilst learning something new.  You can find specific English learning channels or just delve into the topics that interest you – there is sure to be something for everyone.


  1. Let’s Play: Games are a great way to relax, disconnect and have a laugh.
    1. Online you’ll find a myriad of resources to play, practice and improve your English at the same time. Not only will you find English language learning websites but there are also interactive online games whereby you team up with people from all over the world and use English to communicate.
    2. Traditional board games and card games are also a great entertainment for adults, children and the whole family – why not try playing them in English? It´ll definitely add an extra element of challenge to any game!


Immersion courses: if you really want to take your learning to the next level and improve all your skills, then sign up for a course with a qualified language professional.  At IH Madrid you will find courses that range from improving your accuracy and fluency to official exam preparation.


From children to adults, we are sure to have something for you. 



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