Learn Spanish in Madrid and get an insight in Madrid culture

Getting domesticated in Madrid They say that you have never really truly visited a city unless you’ve experienced their culture first hand. Going to the famous attractions, taking pictures of beautiful spots, dining in world famous restaurants and getting a taste of that local dish, there’s so much more to that.

The best way to experience a place is to get involved in their daily goings-on. To allow yourself to do what the locals do. You can easily do so as long as you keep an open mind and not open yourself to the possibilities that will happen.

When you are in Madrid, one great way to experience the place is to share a house with Madrileños. If you already know someone who lives in Madrid, you can ask to crash out for a few days and get to observe up close the daily customs of the locals. Hotels are another option when staying in foreign place and staying in a hotel in Madrid is but it almost the same as staying in a hotel anywhere. Aside from the language difference, you get to see the same things that are offered in different hotels around the world.

If you don’t know anyone who’s living in Madrid, the next best thing is to live in local apartments or inns. Here you will still have neighbors who you can interact with regularly where you can learn a lot about the city.

Taking an intensive Spanish course with International House Madrid will enable you to join one of the best language schools, and IH Madrid can also arrange your accommodations with host families. Click below to find out which Spanish language course best suits you.


Once settled in with your host family it is time to just open up to the locals to the culture and experience the place. The locals are the best source of information about everything there is to know about the city. They are also the best teachers of local customs and traditions.

If you are in Madrid to work, study or just learn a language, don’t be afraid to get domesticated. Learn the way of the locals and experience Madrid’s culture first hand. This way you can truly say that you have really visited Madrid.

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