El mejor curso de inglés

What’s the best English course for me this year?

Summer’s over and we’re all gradually returning to the city, our work or studies. The first autumn rainfall will make us think about our objectives and resolutions for the year; what we want to do with our free time and what we want to achieve. 

One of these things is bound to be improving your English or certifying your level to improve your job prospects or work abroad.

Do you want to progress but don’t have much time?

Si you’re very busy and want to fit classes into your day-to-day routine, an Extensive course lets you improve a level a year at a solid pace. All levels are available, from beginner to proficiency, during the week, or on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.

Are you going on an Erasmus placement or do you want to certify your level of English?

If you already have sufficient knowledge of the language but don’t have anything to certify this, you should consider preparing an official exam, and doing one of our short Prepare For courses, three hours per week. You’ll get the chance to learn about all of the parts of the exam in detail, practise them so you’re best able to tackle the exam with all the skills and tools necessary to pass. You can choose from Prepare for B2 First, very popular among those going on Erasmus, Prepare for C1 Advanced for those who use English for work, including teachers, Prepare for IELTS if you’re going to study abroad. If you want to do Proficiency, we also have the course for you!

Do you have more time in the evenings and are you looking for quicker progress?

The Semi-Intensive course is for you! Six hours split into two evening sessions per week. You’ll progress twice as quickly as in an Extensive course as you’re dedicating more time to your studies. And if you need to change your course type at any point, our pedagogical team will be delighted to advise you on your options.

Do you want to advance very quickly and have availability in the mornings?

Our Intensive course is perfect for those students who are available in the mornings. It’s a great opportunity not only to advance a level in a term, but also to make the most of the social aspect of the Intensive courses. If you want to progress even more quickly, enrol in the Intensive Plus course, with one-to-one classes to make your learning even more personalised.

Are you of a certain age but want to keep learn at a calm pace?

We’ve been giving our popular Senior courses for many years, adapting the pace of the classes to the students, allowing lots of practice of the languages and reviewing content frequently so our students keep learning and can learn to use the language more fluently and with more confidence, especially in social interactions.

Would you like to know more about our English courses? Browse our list of courses and see what best suits your needs.


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