¡Tenemos a los ganadores del concurso Travelling Book!

Few activities provide us with as much satisfaction at  International House Madrid as the Traveling Book , that is, the contest in which our students get involved in making a group book -one is presented per class- and contribute with texts and images of their own. harvest to shape the final work. Each one of them chooses a topic of their liking and talks about their favorite thing in that area , be it a music group, a video game, a dessert, a country or a city, etc. In this link you can see the complete rules of the contest. 

It’s a great way to get to know our students and for them to get to know each other better , plus the work they’ve produced is exceptional; In the following photo you can see the jury, overwhelmed by the quality of the works received . We leave you with them and with the words they have dedicated to the contestants. Thank you and congratulations to all for your work!

(From left to right,  Jeff Hogan, Ana Segura, Suzy Boothroyd, Kevin Kennedy and Alistair Wood , burning their eyelashes to decide which books deserved the award)


First of all, we want to congratulate all the participants for their great work ; The level has been very high and the judges have found ourselves in a bind to choose the winning books among so many incredible proposals: exquisite drawings, images and crafts, surprising data, boundless creativity and fascinating snippets of your lives . We hope you have enjoyed this opportunity to talk about yourself and get to know your classmates better; in this sense, all the participants deserve a prize. More than 1700 students have participated , making this the most successful edition of our contest.

Again, thanks to all the contestants for sharing your hobbies with us. During the following term we will exhibit the books in our centers and schools, so you can see them all again.

Here’s the list of winners, along with a photo of each book. Congratulations to all of them!

Winner  – level 3 Mirasierra (teacher Emma Gowing – now Cat Morris)

Honorable mentions:

Colegios level 4: Raquel Barobs
Colegios level 3: Melati Gray
Colegios level 5: Ana Segura
Colegios level 5: Thabata Oliveira

Levels A1J-A2.2J

Winner  – A2.1J Anne Morley 

Honorable mentions:

Colegios A2.2J s: Anne Marie Bertoli
Colegios A2.2J: Jack Tolbert
Colegios A2.2J: Chloe Bolaños
Colegios A1J: Matt Rueter

Levels B1.1 – B2.1J

Winner   – B2.1J – Faye Hobson

Honorable mentions:

Colegios B1.1J: Imma Pelayo
NM B1.1J: Maria Alonso
Colegios B1.1J: Paris Van-Loo
Colegios B1.1J: Suzanne Chaplin

Levels A2S-B2.1S

Winner   – B2.1S AM Judith Lee 

Honorable mentions:

NM B2.1S: Maree Corcoran
Colegios B2.1S: Alastair Whitehead
NM B2.1S: Nathan Richardson
Colegios B2.1S: Amelia Williams

Levels B2.2 and on

Winner   Higher C1 NM Julian Lorenzo Romano

Honorable mentions:

AM B2.3: Elliot Howard
AM C1 higher: Stephanie O’Brien
NM B2.3: Alasdair Bell
NM C1 Higher: Suzanne Chaplin 

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