Study Spanish with a qualified teacher at International House Madrid.

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Some days ago an article, in the Spanish newspaper El País, was published about the Spanish teacher. I liked the way our career was viewed, especially as they made it clear that it was not enough to be a native speaker to teach classes but training and experience was necessary.””

A walk in the Casa de Campo

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Autumn is a good season to go for an enjoyable walk in the Casa de Campo, it is no longer very hot or dry as in summer. We can get to it in many ways: on foot, cycling, by metro or bus. The metro station Lago on line 10 is one of the better options.

Madrid from the Heavens

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A different way to get to know a city is from above. Some of the most iconic buildings and trendy hotels in Madrid have magnificent rooftop terraces to enjoy breath-taking views.  We also have the opportunity to see the monuments and buildings from a different perspective as we enjoy a drink.

Madrid: A movie city

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In Spain, the cinema is often referred to as the seventh art and you might be a film lover or not, but you could find yourself in one of these three situations. You may never have been to Madrid but you have seen a film which was set here.

Christmas is here!

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The supermarket shelves are packed with turrones (nougat made with almonds) and marzipans since mid-October which tells us that Christmas is around the corner. Another symptom was the early Christmas street lights lit on the 22nd of November. Walking into a shop and listening to Christmas carols, posters of season store offers, toy and perfume adverts are a clear signal of the arrival of Christmas.

Why choose a one-to-one?

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I’m sure that at some time you have thought about having private classes, in which the teacher and you are the only components. Why not? Let’s look at the reasons why you might decide for this kind of class.