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If you have several years’ experience in teaching English to adults and want to formalise your professional development as well as acquire a highly-regarded qualification which opens many professional doors, then the University of Cambridge DELTA course could be for you.

The Cambridge DELTA has three modules

Module One focuses on the background to teaching and learning Module Two focuses on developing professional practice Module Three focuses on a specialist option (e.g. Young Learners, ESP, 1-1)

Module One Understanding Language Skills for Teaching (20 credits) This module looks at the theories behind how people learn languages and how they are taught.
Units: Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language learning
Different approaches and methodologies including current developments
Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
Language skills and learner’s problems
Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources
Key concepts and terminology related to assessment

Module One is assessed via a written examination in June or December.

Module Two Developing Professional Practice (20 credits) This module looks at the theory and practice of teaching and the different ways that environment, society and cultural affect the way that it works.
Units: Working with language learners in a variety of learning contexts
Preparation for teaching learners of English Managing and supporting learning
Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
Observation and evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
Professionalism and professional development

Module Two is assessed via a portfolio of coursework, including observed lessons, background written assignments, and an externally-assessed lesson observation.

Module Three Extending practice and English language teaching specialisation (20 credits)
Units: A chosen specialist area Curriculum and syllabus design principles
Evaluation, selection of resources and materials for teaching purposes
Different types of syllabus Approaches to needs analysis
Assessment of learners
Course design and evaluation

Module Three is assessed via an extended written assignment.