Intensive English Course for Young Learners

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English Course for Young Learners

Give your English a boost – Very intensive English courses - Summer 2020

If you want your son or daughter to consolidate what they have learned during the academic year and at the same time improve their fluency, sign them up to our intensive programme.

  •   Reinforce and develop what they have already learned

  •   Gain confidence and improve fluency

  •   Enjoy studying in an enjoyable and relaxed way

    •  The courses INTENSIVE ENGLISH and USE YOUR ENGLISH can be done separately or in   combination

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Intensive course for young learners

Intensive Complete Intensive + Use your English
Age 06-13 years old 06-13 años 
Days and course hours 2,5 hours a day, from Monday to Friday 5 hours a day, from Monday to Friday
Available in ih Nuevos Ministerios ih Nuevos Ministerios
Timetable 9:30-12:00 9:30-15:00 (with a 30 minute supervised break)

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Steps to follow to complete enrolment:

 Reserve a level test

 Arrange an appointment to do a level test 


Our customer service team will contact you to arrange the time and date for your level test.  

Your level

One of our experts will analyse your written and oral test and will recommend the correct level for you.


It doesn´t matter if you are not yet in Madrid, we are able to do a level test by Skype.

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Prices Summer Intensive Course

Precio 360€ porquincena
-20€ a partir de la segunda quincena

Precios Verano Intensive Course + Use your English

Precio 648€ por quincena (10% descuento)
-20€ a partir de la segunda quincena

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